Terms & Conditions...

Our license includes unlimited* use on any pc or pc's that you own, these days many people or employers have more than 1 pc and we did not want to restrict how you could use our software by forcing you to buy more licenses (unlike some companies).
* You are allowed to install our software on as many PC's that you own only.

Our software is not restricted to just 1 pc, you can install our software onto laptops, home computers or even 100 work pc's the choice is yours!. Most companies make what we consider to be heavy restriction on the use of their software, we believe that you should be able to use software that you buy fully without any restrictions*.
* The only restriction we place on the use of our software is that you cannot install onto pc's or laptops that you do not own.

For more details and to see screenshots and full features of our software, please click one of the buttons at the top of this webpage. Thank you.