This part of the site will cover the very most common set of support questions that we have encountered, most problems are thankfully very easy to fix and share a common theme. Please have a good read through these and if you have any further questions.

1: My hotkey will not work can i reset your software?
A: yes download, unzip and run this program - HERE and it will reset all settings to default.

2: My system says i need .Net Libraries from Microsoft, what do i do?
A: You simply need to download and install them, grab them HERE

3: I have tried to set up email or FTP and its not working, help
A: You will need to search google for the SMTP settings of your ISP and use those.

Can Our software be seen or uninstalled via add/remove programs?:

No! our software is 100% portable and needs no installation to run, this means that it does not appear in the add/remove menu and it can even be copied to a usb stick and run from there!!!

Can your software be seen in the task manager?:
Yes and No, on 32bit systems our software is capable of being 100% stealthy and should not show up in task manager etc, on 64bit systems Microsoft added extra protection which stops us from doing this. it does have the program name in the task manager, but once our program is in stealth and capturing, even if they stop it running and remove it from the task manager our program will still capture everything ;). The program uses hidden techniques to ensure that the stealth part stays stealthy.

Can i install your program on multiple pc's or laptops?:
Yes of course you can, unlike our competitors we do not put a limit on how many times you can use our software, this means that if a family has 3 pc's and 2 laptops then they can install Our software on every single one without having to purchase extra licenses. Employers can benefit from this too, if you have 100 pc's and want to monitor every one, simply purchase Our software and you can install it on to every one of them!.

Can your keylogger be picked up by any antivirus or spyware removers?:
This is a hard question to answer, at the time of writing this NO, but the problem is that most security companies that make anti-virus/security tools will see Our software as a threat - when clearly it is not!. This means that they will eventually add our software to their definitions, but currently it is not detectable by any software.

Can i install your program on my friends pc?:

No, this is our one and only restriction. You cannot install our software onto any pc or laptop that you do not own, this is illegal to do in many countries and is frowned upon by all!.

Can i get a refund as i have not used your software?:
No, because we offer such a brilliant licensing scheme and also because this is a software product once you have downloaded your software from our servers (we know when you have) we will not refund any payment under any circumstances. This has had to be brought in because unfortunately in today's world there seems to be a lot of fraudsters just out for a free lunch.

Will your program damage my pc or laptop?:
No, our software has been tested fully before we made it available for sale. We have designed Our software to be a totally portable product which means that you don't need to install it on your system. The benefits of this are that our software does not change anything on your pc or laptop operating system!.

Our software lets you record ALL keystrokes, Programs Run, Passwords, Screenshots, Clipboard Activity and more besides. Our program runs in stealth and has the ability to send logs to email or FTP!.
* Free version ONLY records keystrokes and is heavily restricted.